Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dialog from the Emergency Room

Thank you Mr. West, now can you tell me what day of the week it is”?

“No ma’am, but that’s probably more the result of lifestyle than the head injury”.

“I see… what about the month, can you tell me what month we’re in”?

“I can tell you, you just ended a sentence with a preposition”.

“Will you please just tell me what month we’re in, Mr. West”.

“That’s better”.


“Never mind. I live in the forest, I don’t need to know the day. I don’t have any
appointments. I know it’s October”.

“You live in the Forest. Do you know how you got here”?

“I caught a ride”.

“How about the President, do you know who the President is”?

(Smiling) “Al Gore, but I don’t think Mr. Bush understands that”.

(Frowning) “How many fingers am I holding up now Mr. West”?


“Well, you’re cognitive processes seem to be, um, o.k.”.

“Too bad we can’t say the same for Mr. Bush.”

“The Doctor will be in to see you shortly, Mr. West”.

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